President Message

Dated; 10th January 2013

Dear Fellow Architect,

president This year again, it is my proud privilege to represent the august body of Architects of Uttar Pradesh. As before, your support and continuous feedback shall remain my backbone and motivate me and my team to address the issues pertinent to our profession, also bringing them to your attention.

Our profession is today challenged by issues hitherto unknown, in our profession and society at large. They have made an impact on our own attitudes towards the practice of Architecture, some of which will have a long term influence and far reaching consequences. Thus it becomes imperative and my duty to draw your attention to them. Following are the issues :

1. Growing involvement of Architects in Profit making enterprises, which is contrary to the spirit of the profession and against the Code of Professional Ethics and code of conduct established by the Council of Architecture.
2. Diminishing Moral and Ethical Values in architects as regards the profession.
3. Ineffectiveness of the Council of Architecture, either to regulate the practice or to standardize education and enhance standards of education delivery.
4. Absence of Architects in Policy making bodies;
5. Inadequate representation of our associations/ Institutes at different forums.
6. Lack of procedure for Selection of consultant Architects in Govt. / Public Sector projects.
7. Unable to prevent the practice of Architecture by non architects and their involvement in government and public enterprise.

I call upon every Architect, especially those, who are capable by virtue of their leading positions in various capacities in the profession, to treat these issues as serious threats to the honour of our noble profession. We have to prioritize and contribute in thought, words and action to address them effectively and also identify others, which may have been overlooked.

I call upon you to place your valuable inputs regarding above issues as the first step to re-shape the profession and to be proud of being an Architect. We should not consider the association for trouble shooting purpose only, rather as an entity, to realize our vision of a better, built environment. I hope, expect and demand some of your valuable time towards the future of architecture and will wait eagerly for your valuable suggestions.

Together, with your support and the help of my team members, we will try to contain these threats. Our web-site is under re-construction and is likely to be expanded shortly to make it a cost effective way of communication. Eventually, the association will prepare a document based on your suggestions to chalk out a programme and prepare a blue print for the actions in next two years and will also aim to prepare a sound ground for future actions.

You can click here the link for your response through e-mail or make a call/fax/letter to the President.

Looking forward for a quick response.

Yours Truly,